MOXI + Forever Young BBL Plus Package


This package includes 3 MOXI treatments, 3 Forever Young BBL Plus treatments and the Alastin Post Procedure product kit for accelerated and optimal results.

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The Forever Young BBL Plus Difference

The Forever Young BBL device works a bit differently by actually reviving the DNA in treated skin, encouraging it to develop more of its own collagen for skin that shows marked improvement in tone and texture. Your skincare professional can help you decide which treatment is better suited for you.

Forever Young BBL goes beyond other skin treatments because it actually changes the skin’s protein production at a molecular level. As our skin cells age, the proteins they create also change into weaker versions of their younger predecessors. Older, weaker proteins and collagen are responsible in large part for the aging of the skin.

Research has shown that exposing the skin cells to Forever Young BBL rejuvenates the genes in the skin’s DNA so they behave more like younger cells, producing better and stronger proteins and collagen is usually seen only in younger skin. The result is skin that looks younger, firmer, and more even. Much like plants in the spring, our skin’s DNA responds to the regular, increased exposure to this specific kind of broadband light to begin to flourish and bloom once again.


Combining Forever Young BBL with MOXI will help with mild sun damage, uneven pigmentation and freckles, including melasma, rough skin texture and tone.