$495 / month for 12 months

NEO Members save up to 40% per Emsculpt NEO® treatment at The Piazza Center by committing to your annual wellness journey by becoming a NEO member at The Piazza Center — Member Price: $495 vs. Non-Member Price: $850.  

Receiving an Emsculpt NEO® treatment once a month helps you elevate and maintain a sculpted, strong and lean body all year long. NEO membership treatments can be used to treat abs, glutes, flanks, quads, hamstrings, calves, biceps and triceps! You get to choose what to treat each month, depending on your goals. 

Memberships make it easy to achieve your annual aesthetic and skin care goals. With a NEO Membership, you’ll receive:

  • Receive 495 Points/mo
  • Up to 40% off monthly Emsculpt Neo treatments
  • Early Access to New Products
  • Member-Only Offers
  • Free Admission to Special Events

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  • Strengthens your core, which improves posture and reduces lower back pain.
  • Reduces fat in trouble spots, with patients in clinical studies seeing up to 30% fat reduction in the treatment areas.
  • Improves muscle tone by stimulating muscle contractions at an intensity that can’t be matched during a normal workout.

With EMSCULPT NEO, men and women who work out regularly and are already in good shape get results that go beyond what exercise can achieve. Clinical studies also showed an average of 25% growth in muscle volume. The procedure can treat a wide range of patients, including individuals with body mass index (BMI) up to 35.